Lemon Juice in Hair

What if you were told that you can lighten your hair and give it a healthy natural shine without bleaching it or going to a specialist? How about that it would practically cost you almost nothing! Too good to be true? NOT REALLY! Using lemon juice as a all natural course to lighten your hair is a terrific alternative instead of putting nasty chemicals in them. Lemon juice is full of acidic properties that lighten pigmentations in your hair, stripping dark layers and producing shining highlights. Exposure to sun light further increases the affects and accelerates the process of lightening the hair.

The best time to make use of lemon juice as a hair dye or lightener is during the summer. When there is plenty of sun and the contact to sun light is direct. This application results changes in only a few moderate shades without having to deal with drastic or surprising consequences. The more time spent under the sun with the juice in your hair the lighter it will get. Though lemon juice can be drying to hair, therefore avoid overuse and overexposure to sun. Even though many people use the process every other day, safe reported use for starters is once a week and max 1 hour under the sun. Make use of a good conditioner to ease the effects of lemon juice and sun on your hair which can be harsh if not monitored. Use a deep conditioner if your going to apply this process more than once a week.

So, let’s get started on the hows!

There is more than one way to go about doing this, here are a some:

1. Squeeze about one or two lemon juice in a bowl, add about a quarter of lukewarm water to it and rinse your hair with it reasonably. Go out and get some sun exposure for about 30 to 60 mins. Once you have had enough of the sun, wash it off with good shampooing followed by conditioning.

2. Apply lemon juice directly on to your hair after squeezing some in a bowl. Use a wide paint or tooth brush. You can also use a comb to spread the lemon juice even in your hair. Then it’s back to the sun to do its magic. Wash it off after half an hour to an hour with good shampooing and conditioning regiment.

3. Get your lemon juice and water mix ready, put it in a spray bottle and spray the mixture all over desired areas until damp. Expose to sun light for 30-60 minutes. Then shower using a generous amount of conditioning to replenish your mane.

Before heading out into the sun, make sure to use sunscreen. Lemons have citric acids in them which is why they can lighten and shine hair. The acids causes hair cuticles to open and with the exposure to UV rays from the sun plus oxygen a cycle starts which has the same effects as bleaching. Please seek a specialist or professional advice before taking on any course to be extra safe. Your hair is worth it!


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